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Adidas Tube


The tube is a combination of temperature-regulating cocona fabric and a stretch mesh insert – cocona in the front for warmth during cold days, mesh insert in the front for ventilation on cool days.

Top Features of the Adidas Tube Natural technology

  • A natural, quick-drying, odor- and UV-managing technical fabric made from recycled coconut shellsMore safety
  • Reflective colored brand logoMore comfort
  • Mesh panel insertWeight
  • 34g
  • Road Cocona Made from activated carbon from recycled coconut shells. It is applied to fabrics and yarns and will not wash out and wear out. The Cocona Patented Technology permanently incorporates natural active particles that have micro porous structures, into fibers, fabrics, polymers, and films. These active particles have been tested by industry standards and have been found to enhance the performance of fabrics by 30 to 50%. Benefits of Fabric: Will never wash or wear out Ultimate in evaporative cooling Supports odour management UV Protection (50+ SPF) Moisture wicking