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High 5 Protein Recovery Bars (Box of 25)

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The ultimate recovery bar with 13g of high quality protein. For use immediately after sport: this bar has a perfect balance of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to re-fuel tired muscles and high quality protein to build lean muscle. Belgium chocolate over a soft aerated centre ensures that ProteinBar tastes as good as it performs. And it’s still 92% fat free! Size: 50g Benefits: 1. Quickly metabolised carbohydrate for fast re-fuelling 2. 26% high quality protein for muscle development 3. Low in fat (<8%)for fast carbohydrate absorption 4. Soft centred and easy to consume directly after exercise (when you least feel like eating, but this is the best time to re-fuel your body) 5. Convenient, just chuck it in your bag and eat as soon as you finish training or when you feel the urge to go to the burger bar! 6. Delicious taste, with light flavours 7. Stable in the stomach 8. GMO free