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XLAB Torpedo mount

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The X-Lab Torpedo Mount enables the rider to have a front mounted hydration system without the splashing and drag that usually accompanies a front mounted system. The Torpedo Mount is mounted horizontally, not tilted up 18 degrees like others, and is easy to install. The X-Lab Torpedo Mount hydration system fits bars 9-14 cms apart and has a 1 ½" fore and aft adjustment of cage on the mount. Features and Benefits •"Use standard water bottle mounted horizontally on the aerobars for most aero additional hydration"... states leading Engineering led bicycle manufacturer. •Specially designed by XLAB to be light and aerodynamic. •Perfect with XLAB AQUA-SHOT bottle for Sprint Tris or 20km TT's or even Ironman races. •Add XLAB AERO TT bottle and cage for Olympic Tris or 40km TT's. •Taking a drink from an XLAB AQUA-SHOT once every 15 minutes is faster than the drag (as much as 50 grams) from a 3/8 dia (10 mm.) straw for the whole bike split. The drag from a front "aero" bottle is considerably more as it has nearly 3x the frontal area. •Use on 70.3 or Ironman races to eliminate huge drag from front vertical bottles and straws. Includes •Carbon Mount plate •4 Silicone coated non-stretch polyester straps. •2 M5x12 mounting screws,washers and Nyloc nuts. •Note: Bottle not included. Material •Carbon Fiber with proprietory unidirectional fiber orientation. Weight •Mount & Straps 36g