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On Cloudflyer Men's Running Shoes

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On Cloudflyer Men's Running Shoes



Designed to give greater support, protection, comfort and enhance your efficiency over long distances, the On running Cloudflyer Running Shoes are the perfect training partner. Constructed from a vast range of materials to keep your feet dry and comfortable, alongside CloudTec’s ‘Cloud’ system that reduces impacts, you’ll be running farther and faster than ever before.

The upper section of the Cloudflyer is constructed from On Running’s renowned antimicrobial material that’s 100% knitted. This material reduces any odour build ups and stops your trainers from smelling after long runs, and also keeps your feet warm and dry for a more comfortable jog. The knit also allows for hot air to escape through the small pockets in the material - further enhancing the comfort of your feet. A rear heel strap cage eliminates heel slips when you run.

Whereas other running shoes rely on a 1-2 lace pattern to give a tight fit, On Running has used their supreme knowledge of the sport to use a star lacing pattern. This doesn’t just provide a longer lasting fit or stop laces from slowing loosening over long distances, but it also stops the tongue from creasing when you put more pressure through the front of your foot.

What truly sets the Cloudflyer apart from other running shoes is the CloudTec sole built from On Running’s Zero-Gravity foam. These separate, innovative ‘clouds’ not only provide a stable stance for a much safer run, but also feature intelligent cushioning that gives support exactly where you need it.

The 12 Clouds also help avoid inward rotation of the rear foot, ensuring you run how you’re meant to, not how the shoe was built to make you run. All-in-all, this shoe is wider than other running shoes, but it is also much lighter.

  • Liner mesh is made out of 100% knitted antimicrobial material
  • Heel strap cage ensures a snug and secure fit
  • Central channel and curved rocker of the sole allow for full foot flexibility along with a natural feel
  • Cloud elements move individually
  • Optimised Zero-Gravity foam makes for an even softer feel
  • Extended low abrasion rubber pads at impact zones provide durability
  • Star lacing over a plush tongue brings long distance comfort
  • CloudTec sole built from Zero-Gravity foam provides supreme cushioning
  • Wider surface area provides a stable stance
  • Specifically designed ‘Clouds’ in the rear foot help avoid an inward rotation and allow for a stable, yet neutral transition
  • Weight: 280g