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Selle SMP T4 Saddle


CENTRAL CHANNEL the result of extensive biomechanic studies on saddle positioning and on the structure of the human pelvis, it is distributed over the whole length of the saddle, from the rear to
the tip. Irrespective of the position of the triathlete, it prevents compression of the perineal structures. It promotes very good aeration of the genital area and water drainage.

EAGLE BEAK” TIP The exclusive and patented configuration of the nose prevents crushing of the uro-genital area, even at the extremely low positions of the
handlebars, typical of the triathlete, and also enables to safely and firmly park the bike on the bike parking tube frame at the transition area.

REAR LOGO the structure of the characteristic rear Selle SMP logo, with its peculiar reflecting properties, provides optimum support for the bike on
the bike parking tube frame at the transition area, should the triathlete prefer rear positioning rather than the front one.

FRAME LENGTH it offers the widest adjustment range available on the market, giving every person the possibility to identify the perfect position
for them in terms of saddle advancement towards the handlebars, typical of triathlon.

SITTING POSITION it guarantees maximum comfort for the specific maximum advancement position on the saddle of the triathlete. The characteristic conformation of the SMP rear
depression, although less evident due to the new padding, is preserved also in T models, in order to provide the necessary support while pedalling.
Four specific models based on the desired level of padding and trousers size.


  • Weight: 295g
  • Dimensions: 246 x 133mm
  • Body: nylon 12 reinforced with carbon fibre
  • Cover: black leather or microfiber
  • Frame: AISI 304 stainless steel tube ø7,1mm