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Your bike is your best partner on the road, and for that reason it deserves to be checked regularly, and especially before a race! Tri 1st offers a range of mechanical bike services including 1st set ups (for bikes purchased from us), adjustments, tune-ups and general maintenance.

We aim to get your bike back to you as quickly as possible, subject to availability of any parts that may be required. All services include a visual inspection for damage and wear.

Seized and/or damaged parts will be replaced with your permission at an additional cost to the service. We will call you to confirm prices with you before any new parts are fitted. Any worn/broken parts will be disposed of unless otherwise requested. Suspension forks and shocks will be sent out of house to be serviced. Please ask for a quotation.

We have limited space and therefore would kindly ask you to collect your bike within 3 days of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time.

We would ask you to bring your bike in a relatively clean state. Extra cleaning of bikes will be charged and very dirty bikes may be refused service.