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Wetsuit hire

Whether it's try before you buy, hire a wetsuit for an event or a month

We are now stocking a full range of sizes in men's and women's suits to cater for a varied range of customers with differing needs. The brand which we have selected for our hire suits is Mako which was an easy decision on our part as we believe Mako's ethos for continuous product development and innovation set them apart from the competition. We will be hiring the popular Xperience model which represents incredible value for money and stands up against more expensive offerings from competitors in the market.

How Does it Work?

  1. Rental duration and pricing - We acknowledge that customers will need to hire wetsuits for varied lengths of time depending on their requirements. A choice of time scale options are available with fair prices to reflect the duration of the rental. If you require to hire a wetsuit for a time scale different to the options available or longer than the contracted time period then please contact us and we can tailor a rental package to cater for your individual needs and requirements.
  2. Deposit - Customers will be required to pay a £100 deposit in addition to the rental cost which will be reimbursed on the return of the suit subject to the suit being returned in the condition which it was hired.
  3. Sizing - When visiting the store we will carry out a comprehensive fitting service with each customer using our vast experience of wetsuit fitting to ensure the correct size is hired.
    If you are hiring online, Mako provides a sizing guide which can be used as a reference for sizing. Swimming wetsuits are designed to be tight fitting unlike surfing wetsuits; the suit needs to be tight otherwise it will simply fill up with water which will slow you down and hinder your open water experience. When trying on a swimming wetsuit for the first time it is not uncommon to feel that the suit is too small but in reality the likelihood is that it is the correct size. An ideally sized wetsuit should be a nice tight compressing fit without compromising or restricting your swimming motion. If you are uncertain with regard to which size wetsuit to hire then please do not hesitate to call or email the shop for advice on sizing, where possible we would encourage customers to visit us in store to certify that the correct size is hired.
  4. Wetsuit maintenance and care - Wetsuits are made from a smoothskin neoprene which can be vulnerable to cuts, nicks and tears if due care isn't taken when handling the suits. It is advisable that you remove any jewelry when getting into the suit to prevent damage and to make it easier to get on. We also recommend wearing gloves to put the suit if you have long fingernails. After usage it is best to wash the suit out with cold water and to leave it on a hanger to drip dry.
  5. Purchase discount - Following the initial hire period, should you decide to purchase a new wetsuit the cost of the rental will be deducted from the list price (RRP) of wetsuit, so you are effectively only paying for the cost of the new wetsuit.
  6. Wetsuit return & potential penalty charges - Failure to return the hired suit within the contracted time period will result in a late fee charge as follows:

    1. 1 - 7 days late: £25
    2. 8 - 14 days late: £50
    3. 15+ days - the deposit will not be returned
    Wetsuits must be returned in the condition in which they were received. First of all, this means they must be fully cleaned and dried as instructed. We know accidents happen and it is not too much of an issue. But, should the wetsuit get damaged please let us know before attempting any repair yourself. Wetsuits returned which do not comply with these guidelines will be subject to a charge as follows:

    1. Cleaning & drying - £15
    2. Cut/rip/tear repairs - £10 per cut/rip/tear. If the wetsuit is damaged to an extent that a repair is not economical anymore, you will have to purchase the wetsuit at the full RRP.
    Please note - it is your responsibility to point out any imperfections with the wetsuit additional to those highlighted before accepting the wetsuit for hire otherwise we will assume that you have caused the damage and you will be charged a fee.
    If you are shipping back the wetsuit, we advise using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service so we have to sign for it and you have confirmation of when it was delivered. The wetsuit remains your responsibility until we have signed for it. If you choose to return it by a non-signed for delivery service, this is at your risk! If we don't receive the wetsuit you will be liable for the remaining balance to purchase the suit at RRP. If it is delivered a day after the return due date, we will charge for an additional week of hire.
  7. Deposit Return - We will refund your deposit less any costs for cleaning, damage or late fees within 14 days of the return date. If you return the wetsuit in person at our shop, we will refund the deposit directly onto your card on the day.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or want to book your hire wetsuit for collection in store. Alternatively click here.

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Wetsuit Hire

We are now stocking a full range of sizes in men's and women's suits to cater for a varied range of customers with differing needs.

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